A Guide to Successful Remote Creative Freelancing

August 20, 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

We’re in new territory. Creatives working remotely can set new rules. We can make more money by freeing ourselves from hourly rates, we can work less by doing client work in times of day we’re most productive and most importantly, we can dedicate long, uninterrupted blocks of time to personal projects which develop our personal creative vision–and every freelancer needs their own vision to succeed in the long term.

None of this is theoretical–I’ve been a remote creative freelancer for the past five years, and in this hour we’ll learn the principles of successful remote creative freelancing and have a Q&A on freelancing, remote work and personal creative process.

About your Host
Beini is a full time remote creative freelancer based in New York. She has no social media accounts, but blogs at badanimals.net. She’s done work for the International Center of Photography and Kesha.