3 steps to build a more profitable creative business in 2021

About this FieldTrip

Finally, 2020 is behind us. And I’ll bet you have lots of ideas about what would make 2021 a much better year, am I right?

If some of the challenges 2020 put front and center (just so you wouldn’t miss them!) include:

- the health of your business and bank balance are way too dependent on market conditions being good
- pivoting = throwing noodles at the wall and hoping something sticks
- you don’t have a reliable and repeatable way to consistently generate new business
- your messaging and presentation don’t clearly communicate what you do and the value you deliver
- you’ve been flying by the seat of your pants, just trying to make it work
without clear goals and a path towards them, you quickly become unfocused and overwhelmed

If any (or all) of these resonate, you’re in good company. But there’s ONE thing that will set you apart from everyone else in 2021.

A plan.

Join, business coach, Justine Clay for 3 Steps to Build a More Profitable Creative Business in 2021. You will learn how to:

1) Define and articulate your unique value proposition
2) Identify who your ideal clients are, what they struggle with, need, and will happily pay for
3) Work with fewer, better, clients and make more money!

Join Justine and make 2021 your come-back year!

About your Host
Justine Clay is a speaker, writer, and business coach for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. Using her actionable Profitable by Design framework, Justine helps established creative professionals, and business owners identify and articulate their unique value, position themselves to high-quality, well-paying clients, and build a fulfilling, efficient, and profitable creative business.