Part Time Food Blogger turned Social Influencer, turned Community Builder & Curator of Culture. I honestly can say that I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the impact that Creative Mornings and this incredible community has had on my life. Born & Raised in Coral Springs (Yes, a Native South Floridian), I'm Really just a Regular Ol' Guy whose Passionate about Pursuing my Passions, including exploring culture & making genuine connections with others. I can never Thank and Attribute Creative Mornings (And Alexa) for helping empower me to do so! I do a lot of other interesting stuff I couldn't fit on here including creating Choose954 & Art Lauderdale, Feel free to reach out to see how we can collaborate!

Social Media, Digital Marketing, Staying Ahead of Trends, Giving Career Transition Advice, I.T., Networking, the South Florida Business Community, Poker, Sports, Music, Building Communities & Uniting Like Minded Individuals, Food, Restaurants. Mainly restaurants.

Finding local partners/sponsors that share the vision of making Fort Lauderdale not only a better place to vacation but a better place to live. (and Meeting Intelligent women to have intellectual conversation with. Not in that specific order.)

Keep it real, and don't sweat the small stuff. And, Be Genuine, Be Authentic, and Pursue your Passions - Always.

Gary Vee - Because of his hustle, the way he gives back, and because he keeps it real.

I'm incredibly genuine, it's a rare quality now-a-days, I know...

Strategic Social Media Management, Consulting, or Poker.

Random Sports/Business Facts.

How to teach people to be more kind & courteous to the rest of the world. And teach them to learn how to code, or how to update their resume to make them more marketable.