Sarah Haykel is a mind - body - Soul practitioner. Working in both executive level and personal coaching, Sarah's helps you clearly identify and move through the inner blocks that hold you back from contributing your fullest potentials to life.

Sarah is a "Soul Seer," who helps you see your own Self and "Soul" more clearly so that you effectively lead change in a life fulfilling way, both personally and professionally. Not for the faint of heart, Sarah's coaching takes you straight to the heart of the matter so you can experience real results, fast.

Sarah is a certified Professional Life Coach specializing in empathic and Body Centered Awareness, a certified yoga instructor, and Founder of Salsa for the Soul, a Latin dance company whose goal is to promote healthy and harmonious relationships through Latin partner dancing.

Traveling around the globe spreading her joy for life, Sarah teaches and coaches people from diverse backgrounds in her creative, body centered modalities. To help her coaching and dance clients live and embody their best lives on and off the dance floor, Sarah created the Free to Be 5 Step Process: From Reactivity to Choice In Five Simple Steps. Photo Credit: David Moog

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