Founder of @roza_bee | Leadership Organisation Development Coach. Along with a background in psychology, education & human relations (UK), a pioneer Saudi 'Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator'. I love connecting like-minded people for a greater cause that brings desired impact to our world.

Being a third culture kid.. I am in awe of different cultures. I am curious about diversity and traveling to new places. I know a lot about "art for the heart".

I need help with technology-confidence. I am a fast learner; I ask for help when dealing with non-human devices.

"Connect from you heart" & "get out of your head"!

I admire "transformational" teachers, like Dr Anastasia Kamanos, Dr Art Shirk, Dr Max Biddulph, Asmaa Kamal, Ahlam AlAzab, my grandfather, Ali Al-Banawi.

My secret superpower is ability to connect with anyone (all walks of life, ages, backgrounds).

My backup career is a lecturer at the university. I love teaching and learning.

I remember faces. If I saw you once, I remember you forever!

YES/AND, which is how to see value in someone's idea even if it was only a small detail.

"Anger" from Disney-Pixar's InsideOut! I love how he expresses anger in a fun way!