Identity designer, madtastic idea maker, paper plane folder and co-founder of Thinkory—an award-winning identity design consultancy with a knack for crafting brilliant identities.

Identity design. Trust creation. Charismatic brands. Asking 'why?' (a lot).

Having more conversations with more creatives about identity design. Bringing some useful app ideas to life. World change. Just kidding. Kind of.

"If you can design one thing, you can design everything" —Massimo Vignelli; "Know enough to know you're right." —(Advice I gave myself); "Three is enough." —Sarah Mitchell, Australia

Jesus. 'Cause He hung out with the rejects and gave religion the smack-down. Oh, and He died for my sins. That was pretty boss.

Madtastic Idea-making. I can improve on just about anything.

I'm supposed to say something clever or ironic here, I just know it.

My wedding anniversary, my wife's birthday, my daughter's birthday, most commonly used keyboard shortcuts in Illustrator, how to fold a paper plane.

How to follow Jesus while properly sporting a Kangol cap. One of those two things will save your life.

I'll indicate when I've found one worth singling out as favorite. So many.