I come from Kiruna, the town they're moving for fear of it falling into some abyss created by the mine, but now I live in Gothenburg, the town where each and every raindrop knows your name. I have a heavy rock (apparently a statue) on my window sill to commemorate working with that project at LKAB that is forcing my home town to actually, physically relocate, but right now I'm looking for new and exciting prospects down south. I also spend a great deal of time online. Check out my Instagram! Oh, and I do some social media for Gothenburg_CM, maybe I'll see you at one of the events?

Photography, writing, and organising things. And things like marketing, PR etc. Oh, and computers, kinda.

A job? A million bucks? A seat on the Mars 1 expedition? Take your pick.

Just do it.

People who persevere.

Being too stubborn to think I can't learn or do something.

Becoming a bartender somewhere warm and sunny. Alternatively becoming a nun.

The opening theme to the old BBC Narnia television show from way back when. Also, usually things I need to, when I need to, and often stuff I didn't remember knowing till I needed to. My name or age can be a bit more difficult at times, however. No one's perfect after all.

I'd take thirty seconds to ask them what their main problem to solve was at the moment and then teach them something to help solve it. Possibly meditation.

No. Just no.