I'm a Michigan born, California raised, and now Brooklyn based digital producer, strategist, and writer. I moved to New York City at the beginning of 2016 to work with the people, organizations, and companies I'd admired from afar. Uprooting my life and moving to this city has led me to both personal and professional experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything. I joined the wonderful hardworking CreativeMornings HQ team in the fall of 2016. Outside of CreativeMornings, I like to blog, dance, and travel.

Getting all the ducks in line.

Differentiating perfectionism and professionalism.

"What are you pretending you don't know?" — Amy Woodside @okreal

Nice humans whose actions speak louder than their words.

Applying storytelling wherever I can. Oh, and GIFs.

Korean hip-hop indie YouTube channel editor and radio DJ for senior citizens.

How a person made me feel in a short period of time. I'm bad at names though.

A dance move.