Brian Quinn has a BFA in Jazz from the New School, managed musicians and produced concerts for almost 10 years, co-founded The Noble Rot underground supperclub in 2009, writes cocktail articles for FoodRepublic, and also served as Director of Programming for Social Media Week for 2 ½ years. He joined the CreativeMornings team in March 2015 and helped to launch their exciting FieldTrips events in NYC.

creating events, mixing cocktails, rhythm, and thrift shopping.

finding a band, doing my taxes, and travel hacking.

Believe in yourself. (From my amazing wife).

Those who give themselves selflessly to help others. It takes a certain kind of mind to only see what others need and put their own needs last.


moving to a beach town and painting murals, while making cocktails by day for tourists on the beach.

things that I've smelled