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Mark Lobo

CreativeGuild™ is your global directory of creative companies, professionals, and jobs.

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Natasha Janardan

Where shops of one, find their tribe

  • Get seen in the global directory listing
  • Share your work and build your brand
  • Get hired for more gigs
  • Connect with new collaborators
$ 8 /month
1-person company
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Carolyn Sewell, a founding CreativeGuild company.

The CreativeGuild makes you look professional in no time! The questions highlight your company’s personality, and the design showcases your work in the absolute best light. I don’t know of any other platform that gives a better at-a-glance preview of its members.

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Carolyn Sewell
Chief Doodler
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Stacy Keck

Where small companies get noticed for big gigs

  • Share your work and build your brand
  • Attract top creative talent
  • Post unlimited jobs
$ 35 /month
2–30 employees
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HAWRAF, a founding CreativeGuild company.

Having the utility of this page as a form of brand awareness & relationship building, that’s truly invaluable.

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Carly Ayres
Founder of HAWRAF
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Where large companies showcase their creative leadership

  • Unlock new talent pools
  • Discover new local and global collaborators
  • Post unlimited jobs
$ 250 /month
30+ employees
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MailChimp, a founding CreativeGuild company.

I’ve never seen a platform let you showcase your company’s personality so well, while still being an effective tool to attract clients, collaborators, and new hires across so many disciplines.

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Sarita Alami
Brand Marketing Manager at MailChimp
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Tory Williams

Hire top creative talent

Stop overpaying for job postings and start finding the candidates you’re really looking for.


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Seattle, Washington


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