the institute for l!ghter living!™ is your one-stop-shop for the worst advice in town. Guaranteed. Terms and conditions notwithstanding.

making people laugh even when they don't want to, clutter clearing, improvising solutions out of thin air, Feng Shui mistakes

getting my new business online

Put your own oxygen mask on first.

Anyone who is experiencing extreme hardship or suffering and remains hopeful against all odds.

I'm a truth wizard aka a human lie detector. This is a particularly useful skill to have when trying to find out who stole my lunch from the office fridge...

Selling anything and everything to anyone and everyone. I'm a born wheeler dealer.

The layout of rooms and furniture placement in every building I've ever entered and how it's changed over time. The first and last names of everyone I've ever studied or worked with. Which day of the week something happened in my life. How quickly the lights will change at a junction I've already used.

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