Howdy. I've been a lover of California for over thirty years. My first car was a scooter I bought for $80 visiting a cleaner with a Lambretta shirt. My parents forbade motorcycles, but never said scooter. Those wheels got me my first job, slinging beans at Java city back in 1986. I took over the newsletter that I made in a comic book format, would publish recipes, and whatever i liked until Java City got in the way. I'm still hooked on motorcycles, photography, and design. I transitioned from being a graphic designer for Pulse! magazine that Tower used to publish to the newly developed and doomed "online sales". It was crazy, totally self defined and guarded by the most hard to convince die hards I've ever worked with. The payoff? Meeting my wife. And I had just quit, but she took my breath away on my last week. I begged them to keep me on a few more days so I could figure out how to get into her world. Ask me about that sometime. I have a great circle of friends with too much talent and too little time. At the moment I'm trying to find life amidst a sea of pasty developers with the University of California (sorry if I offended you. But get more sun PLEASE). I practice my scalpel with the applications our bosses dream up, usually they just turn out to be forms. It really is fun, what I do. Looking for something much more dangerous though. :] Preferred drink? Scotch. My head can't handle it like it used to, so I drink a ton of wine too for the vitamins. I live for my two kids, Pip and Sam. They're cats. And they rock. Next to all of this, we have a garage full of old motorcycles, each bleeding oil and money every day. AND I LOVE IT.

User interface and experience, design in general, photography, and problem solving (and vintage motorcycles)

Anything to do with money and services rendered outside of the corporate world

Wealth is like hair in the nose; if much is pulled out, it is painful, if little, it is painful.

Steph Zangeneh Azam - my wife. She's a self starter, entrepreneur, dreamer, maker, creator, witch, fairy, hammer, fire, wind, my inspiration, and someone i love very much

Time travel

Making coffee

First time on two wheels without support

How to approach a problem

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