Experienced Communications executive – bilingual (native English/Hebrew, intermediate Danish) – combining business focus and profound communications know-how to build employee engagement. Trusted advisor to over 9 general managers of different nationalities and industries. Defined and developed Digital & Analog Internal Marketing and channels: from conception to implementation. Fascinated by everything that makes the organizational gears run smoothly and collaborations boost. I love to learn, build and innovate, to connect people, to create value where it didn’t exist before, to envision new ways of doing things and turn them into reality - from a budding seed into an organizational community with shared values and goals. I hold a BSc. and an MSc. in International Business from the Copenhagen Business School and a BA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. In my spare time, I paint, hum to myself, travel and get to know cultures around the world and recently have taken on practicing Mindfulness 😊

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