My name is Marcus here or Mark there. No matter I answer to both. I have done many things, some with sufficient craft to be considered well and good. Other things with different priorities done well enough. My current and past incarnations in no particular order include Software Developer, Ditch Digger, House Painter, Construction Grunt, Concrete Mixer, Chanterelle Picker, Vagabond and Photographer. The intrepid adventurer in me is always looking, always exploring. My interest encompass books, ideas, people, places and things.

Nothing. However I do know a little bit about paper cutting ( die and laser) , CNC machining (for wood). I seem to have forgotten quite a lot about Software Development (Interwebs etc),

Making a living being creative on a daily basis! Don't we all ;-)

Anybody making anything! Always inspired by creativity in all it's shapes and forms

My belief that everything is possible.

Ditch digger. Strangely satisfying moving piles of dirt!

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