B. 1979. Live in Givatayim, ISR. Curator, artist and activist. I curated monthly exhibitions at Erev-Rav art magazine online for 3 years (2014-2017), showcased both young and acclaimed artists. I was involved and advised in various art projects that included collaborations of African asylum seekers and Israelis artists, designers and curators. My greatest passion is creating interactions between art, food and community. My main focus is Kitchen Talks which after 6 years of running as art project has recently turned into a social business. Kitchen Talks presents culinary cultures of communities under the social radar such as asylum seekers, migrants and minorities. Our cooks belong to these communities and they share they culinary culture in various ways - Cooking workshops, tours, demonstrations, coffee ceremonies and more. The kitchen allows a neutral space for getting together and breaking bread between people who would have probably never have the chance to meet in everyday life. Our cooks are Sudanese, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Nepalese, Philippines, Ecuadorians, Chileans, Colombian and more.

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