Hello! I'm a recent transplant to sunny Florida, with an immense love for the written word, spicy food and the beach. My passion for writing and communications drew me to the worlds of PR and marketing – after college, I spent over a decade in NYC working at PR agencies both large and small, from worldwide companies like Edelman to boutique firms. Throughout my career, I've developed content and directed programming for a range of diverse clients, helping them craft and tell their unique stories. Today, I lead content development for Tech Data, driving our mission to "connect the world with the power of technology." I graduated with honors from Penn State, have lived everywhere from South Korea to Brooklyn, NY, and enjoy collecting stamps on my passport.

how to say it well.

design! i'm learning the principles, but have a long way to go.

be kind to others. you never know what they're going through.

my paternal grandmother. she was pulled out of school in the 3rd grade to tend house in Greece. however, she never stopped reading and writing. she survived the nazi occupation of her country and raised 2 sons amid near-starvation. total badass.

being a cancerian, I pick up on the unspoken.

food truck vendor.

song lyrics (esp. if we're singing prince)

to trust what they want to say.

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