Born and raised in Hong Kong, moved to Vienna in 2013. After finishing the study in interior design and architecture in 2004 I have joined a camera company and start a unbreakable bound with photography, images and videos. I'm completely fond about the strong power when one combines words, message and images. Though Journals and scrap-booking I record my vision, thoughts and memories.

Market development / branding / brand development / analogue photography / sales & marketing / retail management / production management / product development / Asia Pacific markets / team management / public relations / Idea development / how to make a good gin & tonic.

Advice on setting up company in Vienna. Feedback sharing about what are the difficulties European based companies or brands have when entering the Asia markets

There are no actual relations about your age and what you should do when you are in this age.

The courage of giving up everything you had and start everything new again.

Pretend I'm listening while I'm actually spacing out.

Start a Bed & Breakfast in a beautiful country side.

Seriously, how to make a good gin & tonic!

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