After I finished my studies in architecture in 2014, my focus and the view on architecture changed. I realised that there had to be a more theoretical, sociopolitical and free way to approach architecture.

Since then, the emphasis of my work became the perception of architecture, the people that use it, and the connections they have to different places and environments.

what does one keep in mind?

I question how people recognize and retain space to understand how they relate to places. In other words, what else affects them beyond the structure of a building? Fortunately I was awarded with the "Start-Stipendium 2015" by the Austrian government. This funding has given me the possibility to concentrate on such topics that deeply intrigue me.

Besides my personal work, I also worked on various projects with various architectural studios and specialised in creating 3D visualizations for others. Staying active within the more traditional architecture scene is equally relevant to me to maintain a relationship with current practices.

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