Dr Wendy Elford is an agile work consultant and practical futurist whose focus is on making sense of and creating tomorrow’s work. Originally a health professional, she now focuses on getting a good fit between the design of workplaces and what people need to work well. She's passionate about the stories people share about their work. Wendy partners with entrepreneurs, business owners and operations managers, property and design consultants and those who manage 'maker spaces' to create great jobs in great places to work.

Complexity, context for design, stories as data, being both an artist and an engineer.

Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises. Nike got it right - Just do it.

Brene Brown; she's made being vulnerable an art form we can all aspire to!

Insight. Big patterns in everything. It makes the world enormously fun.

Venturer Scout leader but (sadly) they don't pay.

The feeling of being in a natural place like the bush in the sunshine.

That curiosity and concentration can live side by side.

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