I'm a realtor for the past 11 years in the Sacramento area. I'm a husband, Father of 4, and own 3 crazy ass dogs. Educating my clients, raising the integrity bar of my industry, and social responsibility is what drives my business.

Formulating and executing a business plan. Residential real estate and various real estate investments. Hip-Hop culture and music along with Marvel MCU and of course Star Wars EU. In my previous life (career) I was a concert promoter, so I can through some pretty cool and fun parties!

Improve my EI skills. Emotional Intelligence for a Capricorn is an ongoing goal that I strive to get better daily.

Become successful in Real Estate without being a Douchebag.

My pops. He was brave enough to uproot his wife and 4 kids from the Philippines to California with nothing but, his grit, faith, and belief.

To make the perfect over easy egg. And I can sleep anywhere regardless of volume levels.

Hip-Hop Record Store owner.

To get 100 lives on the video game Contra (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start)

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