I am an Creative Director with a passion for visual story telling. Using conceptual thinking, photography, typography, and appropriate technology to convey a clear and clever message. I have worked with a wide range of businesses and industries including: publication, retail, celebrity, fashion, food, health, and beauty. With beginnings in the world of print publication I cultivated the skill to bring flat copy to dynamic life in what ever technology I’m currently working with. I am always looking for new opportunities to work with interesting clients. If you know some one send them our way…W&Co.

Getting it done. Ten plus years in design–from freelance to corporate to studio environments–have given me a great perspective on how to get work into the real wold while working with a variety of structures.

"Change what you do every five years". After five years you'll master what ever craft you're working on and it will start to get stale. You must shake things up every so often to stay engaged and challenged.

Tibor Kalman & James Victore. Their approach to the work and the business of design has always inspired me to get to the soul of the project. The place where communication really stands out and connects.

Teleportation. So much of the world left to see and so little time.

I don't have one, I'm doing the only job I ever wanted.

My home phone number as a child.

How to tell a good story.