art director/graphic designer • visual artist • entrepreneur

I am learning every day way beyond college, jobs, and life changes. So I'm not sure I know a lot about any one thing. I know and learn things as I am living them. I suppose if I had to pick something, it would be the phases and challenges of a design career, since that has been the one consistent thing in my life the last 25 plus years.

It's always changing, but at this given time - selling and retail. The hard part for me is asking for help.

It will never be perfect. Stop overthinking it.

My mom. She has the kindest and most selfless heart. She doesn't need a big brand, business, goals or social media following to make a difference.

God's love and strength to help me to do my best with the life He gave me.

No backup. I just go with the flow and listen to my heart.

Childhood memories.

Be kind, love and respect everyone, no matter your differences. We will never all agree and the only way to get along and have peace is to listen to each other and let the fight go.

Not a big gif user or follower, but anything with dogs wins my heart. That dancing baby is always a good laugh.

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