Moved out to the Bay Area from TN last year. Been spending the year taking in the beauty of this place and exploring as many backroads as possible. Now for settling in and getting lost in the world of experimenting and creating.

Sewing and naturally dyeing. Great at experimenting and figuring out things. Problem solver. Dreamer. Planner. Encourager.

Marketing and brand development. Social media development.

If you are not embarrassed by your first attempt, you waited too long.

My little sister. She is the most impressive woman I know. Her maturity and wisdom and critical thought. My father. He is a man of integrity and service and really cares about helping people get to where they are trying to get. My grandfather. A leader. My mother. A woman who never knows a stranger. She has the most beautiful spirit and hospitality.

Contentment in my current state. Dreaming and striving for the future. Excitment about life.

Being my sister's maid, chef, gardener, and dressmaker. Doing all that needs to be done while she enjoys her husband and kiddos.

Food. The best meals I have ever had with the people I love sharing them and the places they were enjoyed.

How to make your own laundry detergent.

Pretty much any happy dance

Virginia hasn't saved anything yet.