I'll try just about anything once; which is probably why my resume is 6 pages long! I believe in the power of positive thought, in working to leave this world better off than it was when I cam into it, in accomplishing the latter one relationship at a time, and that every "problem" is a challenge to be met & obstacle to be felled.

writing working with others. winking with both eyes wine tasting volunteering volunteer coordinating visual storytelling vintage buying/picking video production video editing video usability testing urban gardening uno to-do lists theatre teaching taking notes sustainability studio management story-telling stained glass spatial design smiling seeing different perspectives of simple daily things retouching research rescuing stray dogs reporting random acts of kindness putting things into boxes puns public speaking project management program management production presentation coaching positive thinking playlist making planning photo retouching photography photo editing partnerships organizing things by color organizing ordering pizza nonprofit management negotiation nail painting multitasking multimedia movie quotes making things happen making things making guacamole making dinner reservations macguyvering listening laughing languages installation design idea generation hustle hugging horse riding hokey pokey high fiving herding cats handshaking hair braiding group facilitation globe trotting ghostwriting getting drinks gesture-based interfaces gardening fundraising front of house food photography food fixing things fine art photography finance final cut filmmaking film facilitation extreme napping exhibit design events organizer events event production event planning enthusiasm employee engagement empathizing email etiquette editing dreaming dog petting do-gooding design thinking customer support curator culture creative writing course development copywriting copyediting cooking conversation content development content connecting the dots connecting concept development community building collaboration coffee brewing client relations changemaking ceramics cat petting cards brunching brainstorming being awesome baking babysitting audio assembly arts management archiving architectural photography alphabetizing alliteration advertising photography adventuring adobe photoshop

synergizing diverse groups

work/life balance

believe in yourself

I don't control the weather, but, I do have pull...

names & faces, not foolproof, but pretty darn good.

how to perfectly scramble eggs

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