Growing up I have always been a creative kid. I am born and raised here in Sacramento, California. I have explored other forms of creative outlets and have been a part of a competitive urban dance company in Sacramento traveling and competing throughout California. I also volunteer for other creative groups like Creativity+ Sacramento and Design Week Sacramento. The Sacramento community is such a unique one and I'm glad I'm a part of it!

After a few years of post-grad, I’ve decided I wanted to make a career switch in 2019. I am currently enrolled at Sac City College hoping to receive an AS in Design & Digital Media and a certificate in UI Design / Web Design by Fall 2020. Hopefully this will jumpstart my career alongside with my BA in Communications.

On my spare time I love exploring my city because there is always something new opening or happening every week. Sacramento is growing at a rapid pace and it is growing into such a beautiful community.

After losing my father to cancer in 2016, a dear friend of mine told me something that I would never forget. "As someone who has been through it I tell people it never gets easier. The pain of the loss just gets more tolerable with time. It's ok to feel sad. Grief is the price we pay for loving someone."

Honestly I admire all of the local designers that I've met this year through volunteering. I aspire to be in their shoes hopefully soon and leave a mark on my hometown.

Flipping thrifted items. I LOVE thrifting and I have a good sense of value on certain things that I thrift.

The lyrics to have you ever by Brandy. This song will be played at my funeral and everyone will remember me as the guy who loves Brandy.

I would teach them the 2-step. We call the 2-step "the cake", and if you can learn that, you at least have some sort of rhythm!

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