Co-founder & CEO en, Lifestyle curator & Cultural explorer en, #GIRLBOSS, editor, imagineer, writer, illustrator.

Starting a business from ¡nada! (scratch). Building a positive framework & creating the right mindset for developing your art. Being a #girlboss & a #linchpin.

Getting our products available worldwide. Creating exciting new products, incorporating more technology to what we do.

The only thing you have to do very well to grow a business, is to grow a team (of linchpins, may I add).

I admire many people, for many different things. I think you should check what Seth Godin, Elle Luna, Chris Anderson, Sophia Amoruso, Brené Brown, Marie Forleo and my friend May Groppo are saying.

I can really imagine the future.

What's that? Like if I had another life I'd be... Oprah?

Twitter/instagram handles. But I totally suck with faces and names.

That she can do it.

TechnoTim, of course.