Hi, I’m Victoria.
I’m a curator, host, producer and the founder of community systems studio hito labs. My work is about bringing people together. 

Semiotician by training, strategist by trade and people-person at heart, the idea of  “quality of the connections” has been the guiding principle in my practice. This has lead me to work on ambitious projects with extraordinary people. Whether it’s developing a new talent network for EY,  designing new business models for IKEA, exploring the future of work with Virgin or curating for the V&A, my approach to building products and experiences is community-first.

communiy building, culture design, semiotics, linguistics, event production, team dynamics, glitter

community mapping AI tools

The goal is to do what you love for a living and get paid for it. - Dad

Krista Tippett - because she's such a graceful mind

glitter, did I mention that already?

kindergarten teacher

to follow the shiny-eyed people

why poetry matters