Meditate, but not too much! I'm like the rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland", I love the time that goes by and making the most of it, without any half terms, I think if the alphabet has 22 letters one cannot always stop at A, sometimes it is necessary to get to Z, find the right "algorithms" to find the solutions.I love reading, I'm a romantic lover of texts (web / paper / ebooks / comics) any form of writing can eagerly draw my attention; In fact, I remember moments spent with headphones on or while turning the pages of a book in my hands. I like "participation", and sharing and, thanks to important collaborations with volunteer organizations, but also through active participation in student associations during university studies, I have always been able to observe and analyze the social-cultural changes in Palermo. I love pictures, I think they can express everything and nothing, I like to tell stories through words, sometimes overwhelmed by colours others almost as if they were visions a bit retro.

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