Hi, thanks for reading! I design full-time for BIG, in my spare time I also design. Practicing and teaching yoga is my jam. My design passions include: Logo and brand identity, photography and UI/UX for mobile platforms (my past experience is in layout design, pretty much the UI/UX of print). Currently, open to opportunities to help empower the voices that want to be heard through design, brand strategy and a little yoga! If that's you, let's chat over some Kombucha.

Saying NO! Sometimes I have a bit too much going on.

You are ready, NOW! Everything that you think you need to do what you want most is already with-in you.

Spotify, and a PB & J smoothie from BIG & Juicy, it really inspires my design process!

At the moment, yoga teaching! Soon to be, diving instructor?

Directions. I'm really really good at not using google maps. AND rocks, yes the kind you find on the ground. I'm a rock-nerd.

Ujjayi breath. 4 second inhale, 4 second exhale. So simple and so powerful. It can get you through anything. Ask a mom!

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