I'm a writer, basically because it's the only thing I can't seem to stop doing. (As one of my New School professors, the late, great Christopher Hitchens, used to say, "It's a sickness, and there is no known cure.") I've been a corporate suit, a factory rat, a construction worker, a designer, off and on an artist (though I prefer the term cultural producer), a drive-in theater concession stand cashier (best summer job ever), and in the 1970s I played tenor sax in a blue-eyed soul band.

Arts and culture and their various discontents.

Suffering fools lightly.

In this world there are plenty of people who want you to do their job for them. Take them up on it and pretty soon you will be their boss.

There are too many to name. The people I most admire have all done something different without waiting to be asked.

Making the perfect French omelet.

Corporate communications and brand management but I could also do OK as a short-order cook, preferably on the night shift.

A lot apparently. I've been told I have a photographic memory.

How to flip a fried egg without breaking the yolk.

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