Spatial Medium is a hybrid design studio with a mission to foster intention, sustainability and connection in the physical environment. Our expertise lies at the intersection of architecture, communications and psychology with a focus on social impact. We combine ethnographic research and storytelling to create highly effective, yet meaningful, spatial experiences.

In a nutshell? We design analog experiences that make life better.

We work with non- and for-profit clients that are striving to connect and make a difference in their communities. Sectors we serve include Performing/Fine Arts, Educational, Environmental, Healthcare, Science/Technology, Human Development and Social Change.

A Jazz Vocalist for over 20 years, this practice has informed and supported every aspect of my design career. I am continually honing skills of communication and leadership, commitment to an idea and failing on a public stage (just to name a few) and carry lessons learned across disciplines. I currently perform as a leader in the greater New York City area and often work in collaboration with dancers, visual artists and DJ's. Fun fact: Jazz is great for conference entertainment + education, ask me about curated set lists for your event!

Spatial design, manipulation and interactions. Music. Observing human behavior and translating it into design solutions and stories. Improvisation and shifting perspective. Optimism and resilience. Swimming and water safety.

Bootstrapping a website and podcast. Professional photos and bio. Speaking opportunities.

"Stop holding yourself back, get in here everyday and swim a mile. You have it in you." - David Kopay on my swimming habits but forcing me to re-evaluate my entire life. He started a shift that I am just now realizing. I will forever be grateful.

I admire professional artists (performance/fine/creative art) for recognizing their personal magic, accepting their creative responsibilities to themselves and the world and having faith to live off their craft/talent/love with hard work, determination and grace. Luckily, I now have many of these beautiful humans as friends. I take notes and strive to live this way, every day.

Reinvention - I have a knack for giving old objects and ideas a new life.


Musical ideas.

I'd give them tools to shift their perspective, whether it be spatially-, performance- or water-based.

Sadly, I'm not this cool.

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