Mr. Uzoma Okoro is an entrepreneur, engineer, professional creative (producer), and of course, family man. He has worked in electrical engineering for over 10 years and, with high-level management skills he picked up along the way, started his own business Eco-Alpha Environmental Services in Roseville, CA, which has been in operation for over 2 years now. While his day-to-day takes up much of his time, he stated in late 2017 that he does hope to produce another short film one day (if you haven't seen his, check out 'Moses by Uzoma Okoro' on YouTube or Vimeo. Contact Uzoma on his website at

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When you gather enough data together, you put it in formation. In formation. Information. So data becomes information and information gives you the ability to start creating knowledge from what has been put together. From that knowledge, you then gain intelligence that gives you the ability to act on that knowledge. From that intelligence you get wisdom which gives you the ability to decide if you want to act on that knowledge or not. and so, if you understand the trajectory and path, you understand your path and how it relates to creativity and genius.