Mike Altman growing up never wanted to be anything but an artist... well, ok, maybe Batman for a while. Altman uses simple line work and bold colors to illustrate a sometimes complex message. Altman's work can be laced with symbolism, satire, spirituality, and double-meaning. And then sometimes he just paints a picture of a red dog that is... a red dog. Altman's work has been exhibited in Jacksonville, FL, Knoxville and Nashville, TN, Bloomsburg, PA, Montclair, NJ, New York City and most recently Indianapolis, IN.

Chris Barrett (Metropulse, Knoxville, TN) writes, "The people who inhabit Altman's slightly skewed world proffer whatever wisdom they have to share not by speaking directly to the viewer, but by being overheard while talking to themselves." Altman agrees. Altman's illustrations have appeared on Good Humor's Shaker packaging, Nabisco's Fruit Roll-Ups, Nickelodeon Style Books, Mythbuster's "Don't Try This At Home" tome, and Flat 12 Bierwerks labels to name a few.

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