I'm a designer who delves in #UX & #UI. Practice #DesignThinking. Based in #KL.

Graphic Design, The conscious & unconscious of the human mind, Cooking

Physics & Maths, and figuring out the question to which the answer is 42. How not to run a nation?

We decide on anything, intuitively first. The reason, facts & logic comes next to debate, for or against the decision. Best way to progress is not to linger too long in the debate.

The mechanics of the universe. So simple and profound at the simplest level, yet so complex and bewildering at a large scale. What else is there better to be admired than the existence itself.


A simple coffee cafe barista who moonlights as a pop-up comfort food street kitchen chef.

My favourite music.

How to be patient and understand & appreciate others POVs.

Stewie Griffin annoying Lois Griffin " Mom? Mom!, Mommy!..."