Technology, industry-neutral product manager (gaming, education, finance, business services, health care, payments,etc..) seeking to strike out on her own. I have a few product/ business ideas and I'm trying to make take the leap!!

E2E product development, from initial ideation of a brand new technology and/or a brand new product in a brand new market to market launch, product line extension and maintenance.

How do I actually "start" my business? What are the specific steps, tasks, goals for the first month, 3 months, etc?

  1. Angelina Jolie: originality, courage, independence, heart, charity. 2. Madonna: business and marketing savvy, bravery, independent, strength. 3. Bill Clinton: smarts, charisma, smart enough to know Hilary is smarter than him.

I can do anything I decide to do. Execute my goals.

What IS it?? I am trying to identify it now.

facts, processes, people's names, directions

How to improve their listening skills. It's been a area of personal and professional development for me, and something I'm continuously working on.

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