While developing relationships in aerospace & Hollywood through my branding work, I recently launched an aerial film production brokerage serving producers in need of top-tier helicopter & drone units for film/TV.

Dad of boys. Boys are loud, smelly monsters that devour and break everything in my house. I know their ways, and their evil thoughts, and I've developed ways to thwart their efforts to overthow my home.

My life. I believe in getting help from the people around me.

Man up and own it. I tell my boys to "boy up."

Anyone willing to fight through adversity and come through with the victory.

Purpose. I believe I was created for a reason by a big God, who by the way, is really creative. Did I mention that I can read my boys minds?

I'm a competitive cyclist so I believe in being prepared with a backup tube just in case. But not with my career. I'm all in.

Pre-Amazon Seattle. I'm talking Pearl Jam, the Kid, the Boz, the Glove, Largent, parking spaces, the Reign Man, Sir Mix A Lot, cool summers and drinking out of a hose.

I'd train them in such a way so they could teach it to someone else.

Any gif that has Leslie Jones in it.

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