As the founder and president of JMC Charleston, an event production and destination management company (DMC) in Charleston, South Carolina, I have the pleasure of planning and executing events for corporate and social clients, bringing them together with the best vendors to create life long experiences. What is the mission and goal of your event? Let us realize it for you.

Entertaining, Guest Flow, Event Orchestration, Food, Wine, Service, Expectations of the client who has been everywhere and done everything.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

WOW - touch one. So many people in so many ways. Professionally, it would be Robert Isabell. He made every event look effortless and they were THE most complex - no one ever knew. Valentino, for only excepting the very best and nothing less. The ladies who work in Haut Couture - they make only the very best. The artist David Hockney, for not feeling the need to sell his work over the past dozen years. LA based designer Hutton Wilkinson, who identified with the icon designer Tony Duquette that an entire generation of creative people were wiped out from the AIDS virus. He continues to bring glamour in so many ways to the world.

Resources and loyal friends, family and vendors. They are always here for me.

Landscape Design. I so wish I could have fake shrubs that I could just move around and see who things look. I know it is unrealistic. I just hate waiting for things to grow!

Phone numbers, linen resources, bad things that have happened at events in the past.

Excel is a powerful thing. Life HAS to be organized and Excel is an amazing thing to know about. Also, to read through the Book of Ecclesiastes from the Old Testament. I think it is always good to know that "there is a time" for most things in life.

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