What ignites me is learning, evolving, helping others, sharing things I’ve learned, and new experiences. I enjoy people, reflecting, reading, tea, yoga, meditation, singing, writing, the smell of lavender, hugs, music, dancing, stretching, being curious, flowers, road trips, adventures, laughing, admiring the mountains, surfing, candle light, sunrises, quiet spaces, used book stores, rivers, warm sunny days, thunderstorms, crafts, poetry, playfulness, words, and speaking in accents.

Personal growth. Communication. Relationships. Matters of the heart. Relating. Connecting. Compassion.

Streamlining website stuff, branding, logo design, marketing. Business-y thangs.

Follow your heart.

Oprah. She cares about people and the world. She is spiritual, kind, driven, vibrant, and has a good soul.

Authentic connection. Holding safe non-judging space.

I don’t believe in backups, because I don’t believe in failure.


Present moment awareness of body, mind, and spirit.

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