Transplant to RVA. Creative & Digital Media Specialist by trade. Enthusiast and Adventurer by Life.

Professionally, photo, video, and web. Personally, beer, books, coffee, technology, and music.

To get the beat on best eateries and sites for adventure purposes.

From the book The Alchemist "If you truly believe in something, all the universe is compelled to help you achieve it." In professional context, if you believe in what you are doing and own it, you will be incredibly successful.

I admire people and companies who are fully into the people business. Meaning they are into helping others and/or making our world and community a better place. That they align it with their bottom line goals, and treat humans as humans.

A duel-weilding Super-Duper Affableman and Huckleberry Workerbee. I work hard, and I kill it with my kindness.

Teacher. Always dreamed of being a professor one day.

Dad Jokes. Technological things. Random Facts. Names to a face however take a great deal of effort.

The importance of balance. Being able to balance self growth, work, personal goals, and aspirations for community.

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