As the President of Federation X Holdings and the Ten Legions, I work with major entertainment, media and technology companies, creating new distribution, marketing and business models for great major entertainment brands and outstanding technologies.

With 30+ years as an Internationally awarded Top Illustrator, Officially Licensed illustrator of Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Disney with experience from international major clients such as all major advertisement agencies, entertainment companies, household lifestyle brands, comics, technical and medical I have now left this arena and focus on large scale business development as an executive.

As a professional visionary I operate together with my partners a "Think Tank" focused on complexed projects.

With an extensive background I specialize in creativity, intellectual properties, licensing, brand strategies, new technologies, new media, marketing, globalization, bypass strategies, the digital ecosystem and international business strategies.

Experienced in management, publishing, game development, new media and with over 30 yrs experience from the advertising and entertainment industries I have developed the skills of combining creativity, marketing, sales and business.

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