SILVERCOCOON is a multi-disciplinary design studio co-founded by Tia & Souliyahn Keobounpheng in 2001 (when they purchased a 1966 Airstream camper to be their design shop/studio). Over the last fifteen years they have built a body of design work ranging from Souliyahn's public art installations, to residential architectural projects executed as a team, to Tia's jewelry/product line. Across the board, their practical and resourceful approach to design translates into a clean and simple aesthetic that is playful and expressive. Their "mercurial" approach to life and design is based on the simple belief that design can bring value & deeper meaning to even the smallest things in life, and propels them to engage design projects of all shapes and sizes. -----> > > "I believe in using your best set of dishes every day. I'm also a fan of comfortable shoes. Keeping these notions in mind when designing jewelry, my collection turns everyday into a special occasion."

Practicing creativity


"Do what you do, and do it so well that people can't take their eyes off of you" - Maya Angelou

My father, David Salmela, has been the strongest creative influence in my life. I have spent my entire life subconsciously observing and absorbing design through his architecture work/life practice, which ultimately has helped train my eye to see the world through my own creative lens.

Practicing Creativity : in April 2017 I started my first 100 day (drawing/painting) project which instigated a daily-creative-practice that I continue to create one drawing/painting/day to this day. Dailiness is the key to keeping creativity flowing.

Lawn-mower for the Minneapolis Grand-Rounds park system.

Melody and lyrics

How to say "Hello! Nice to meet you" ... in Finnish.

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