Hi there! I’m Matt Hanna, self-proclaimed Director of Curiosity at Thought Mixing Bowl (who doesn’t like making up their own title?). The purpose of this project is to be a collector and connector of perspectives from curious and creative minds, to get people to think, speak, and act in ways they normally don’t, and to bring out the best in others. My main tool to achieve these goals is open and honest conversation (a tool that has gained a little rust in our modern age). Most of these conversations lie at the intersection of art and life. I believe conversations such as these can lead to meaningful interactions as discussion of art can act as a great proxy for discussion of some of life’s difficult questions and concepts. Check out www.thoughtmixingbowl.com. I hope you'll find something to inspire you to rethink your point of view. And I love talking to people so definitely reach out if you have any interesting ideas or an intriguing question you'd like to share.

p.s. If you're curious, I'm also a musician. Last year I wrote 50 instrumental pieces in 52 weeks (http://www.thechampionofwhatif.com/the-50-project/) which was featured by Creative Mornings in their list of Out of the Ordinary Emails.

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