I started as an assistant to Art Kane, Ralph Gibson, Jay Maisel, Sarah Moon in NYC in 89, then went on to create my own studio in Beirut, Lebanon for a couple of years. Moved to Brussels where I honed my skills as a fashion photographer. Five years later I moved to London where my career took an international turn and I started shooting for big names. Then I moved to Paris six years, then NYC six years. I am now back in Paris where I live and work. My experience in fashion and lifestyle shoots is quite extensive, I have shot fashion, advertising and environmental portraits for over 20 years, and regularly do lifestyle shoots for Bouygues, a telecom brand here in France and for the Paris Tourism Board. I am a creative problem solver, fun and laid-back, but also professional and very experienced. Used to produce large jobs, I like to organize and prep them well so the client feels secure. I speak French, English and Arabic fluently, and can manage to hold my own in Italian. I am used to deal with professional as well as non-professional models, and they always say it is a pleasant experience to work with me, because it is warm, swift and efficient. And they get beautiful images in the end, of course!



Imagine there's a tap in the middle of your chest. You see, it? Right. This is where you'll get your best creative ideas, nowhere else. Advice by Art Kane in NY 1989

Roberto Begnigni for the poetry and lightness he infuses in very hard subjects

Zooming back with humour and lightness on life

Mathematics teacher or bed & breakfast owner


That we literally create our reality, and that we are responsible for more than we think in what happens to us

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