I just wrote a book about how to transcend anxiety. Current title is: Why Zarmina Sings: The Science and Stories of Transformation and Learning. I write a blog, I used to act on stage, and I still enjoy teaching. I am starting to train people and groups the process I used to move through anxiety to greater creativity and freedom.

The voice--how to free it in speaking, and how to free it in writing.

Just begin it.

Oprah is one. She was able to accept great responsibility in the work that she does and she appears to try to stay connected to her highest. She is courageous and doesn't care what others think of her.

High level of intuition and sensitivity to energy.

I would teach how to transcend anxiety while speaking or communicating through standing in your presence, releasing tension, and finding your physical voice and creativity. I provide a space for people to do that as well as excercises.

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