In truth, many of us have an accomplished portfolio—whether it’s the titles we hold, the children we raise, or even the simple fact that we are still in the game of life to build our dreams. Mine is "Results Powered by Collaboration" to disrupt aging with powerful solutions for mind, body and beauty.

Networking is not just about what I do, networking & connecting with people has been my lifelong passion and way of life. I am about helping create connections that fuel your purpose so you can truly master and attain your dreams.

To expand & connect with Businesses, Organizations, Associations & Event Planners that are looking for ground breaking, Unique thinking, Rule benders infused with inspiration speakers/trainers & coaches.

Let's put it all together Work, Adventure, and building a legacy that will far outlast your time on the planet. If that sounds good to you, jump on in.
“Chris Guillebeau”

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