"I'M ALESSANDRA ..." "Be just like Pasta: flexible, resilient and strong but also bit magic"

Alessandra was born and raised in Sicily to a very large family of artisans. She worked as a social worker and project manager for many years before retraining in 2014 as a cook, host and events organiser with Stokey Food Assembly and then Chuffed & Stuffed. Alessandra has been working professionally in food over the last 5 years while working as a self-employed and trained as a professional Pasta Maker in Italy, Padua and Bologna. After many years selling out delicious food experiences and workshops both in London, Italy and Lisbon, she is currently busy building e-learning courses and virtual online classes as well as providing consultancy for restaurants around the globe.

How to make my life an adventure

Staying still

Only when you fail, you learn.

There is not a specific person I admire, but all the people that went out of their comfort zone and created a present that love and a better future for themselves. Anyone who makes a difference.


Ops - I don't have one. Should I start to think about that?


If you don't like something, change it!

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