Networking with other writers and artists in the local area.

Carl Jung's concept of synchronicity/meaningful coincidences. I find it extremely fascinating and I have a handful of some very mind blowing experiences. It is on the cusp of precognition. I was once leaving a coffee shop, the back of a person's head looked very similar to a guy I jammed with at open mic night sessions. Someone I had not seen in roughly 6 months. I go to say hello thinking it's him. It was not. A common mistake. I walked 2 blocks down the road and someone on a skateboard was coming across the crosswalk. I look up and it's him. The guy who I had thought was at the coffee shop but was not. Like the Universe had tapped the left side of my shoulder, I turned and fell for it. Then I slightly turn my head right and the Universe was there to say hello.

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