I was born in South Africa, in the Limpopo Province, Venda. I was born in a Christian family. I am an adventurer who lives for the thrill of learning and exploring the many dimensions of life, art and design. Through martial arts I learned to be grounded and disciplined and develop a strict work ethic in my professional career. When I was a child, growing up from a family of 6, I suffered from speech disorder, which I learned to conquer through engaging myself in multiple activities like debating, poetry, drama and public speech. I had a weight problem as a teenager and I worked my way towards losing weight. I have been actively involved in Obstacle Challenge Racing and exercising for years. When I am focused on a goal I set to achieve it no matter what it takes.

Those elements contributed to my creative life for over 9 years and my career has been a migration of multiple design approaches in different industrial disciplines such as Branding, TV and Film, Newspaper, Magazine, Web and ICT. Working with diverse people has taught me about the value of teamwork as a culture. My endurance and stamina has proven to be profitable to companies like Blackstar Communications where I was designing blueprints & tender proposals, animating and overseeing all creative aspects of the business, including business consortiums with various agencies and companies such as Native VML, SIMS and DOT Modus and its partnership with Google.

I began writing fiction since 2000 as a teenager, which contributed to my scriptwriting background for TIFF and various productions. I am also currently Content Editor and Art director for an annual Christian magazine since 2010 from conceptual to final editorial. The New Age was where I designed from small to large-scale printing for nationwide distribution. My passion for art, poetry and food compliments the design experiences in areas such as typography, illustration, and web design. Web design is like an interactive art gallery. I designed splendid product websites for Gecko Media, church and various businesses as a freelancer. My love for good clean fun and teaching children in Sunday school and martial arts has provided me with an attitude that understands what it means to have a sense of responsibility and versatility with a wide range of skills, working hard while learning and having fun as altogether.

Because I’m versatile, I’ve free-lanced for brand awareness campaigns for Cell C, Destiny magazine / Buscuit Brandy promotion. Cell C was a brand activation and brand communication campaign that helped CellC to expand on its’ township market by using below and through-the-line marketing strategies. I have worked for indigenous Venda local films where I drafted budget costs, script editing and principal cinematography/art direction. With my Production background, I made contributions to Tshwane TV where I worked as an interim Cameraman & Program Editor. I then took my services to Megaphone Media where I’m currently working with on Video and Motion animation in the Broadcast and Advertising space. In a small-scale company, this is where we produce world-class products for both national/international companies such as SARS, Nexia SAB&T, Multichoice, Rhode & Schwarz and FIA to name but few; whilst opening up opportunities to grow in the industry.

Through these experiences I have come to learn that everything I know is but a scratch on the surface; as my approach is strategic in projects, I like analyzing market trends and providing contemporary and commercially marketable solutions. I love working with different brands as I’m driven to innovate as far and beyond as I possibly can.

I have a lot of experience with Branding, Layout design for Magazines, Brochures and Annual reports. I have solid video production knowledge as well; in Video Editing, Cameraman, Sound production, Final mixing, Photography and Motion Animation.

Connecting with a good production company. Getting back to 3D animation and modelling for integration with design.

Never complain about your duties; as you grow, so will your responsibilities. So try and catch up!

My father and mother. They were unemployed, yet they worked hard enough to still ensure that I have a GREAT and quality design education. Their hard work means a lot to me.

I have a resilient stamina that allows me to work and exercise tirelessly without the use of any form of drugs. In short, I'm a real ninja!

I have my father's farming and entrepreneurial genes. Other than that, I have no backup, I'm just a multifaceted creative with multiple tools.

To breathe!

A computer software skill.

...I'm still trying to create one.

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