I grew up in Michigan, got educated on the East coast, wrote books on the West coast. I have traded in the financial markets in Chicago, done missionary work in Italy, been the director of international expansion for a restaurant brand based in Dallas and now work full-time as a motivational speaker / professional magician. In 2015, I performed over 200 shows from Dallas to Dubai and from small camps to large corporate gigs and showed audiences what it feels like to be "astonished"— Think: levitating a cow for Chick-fil-A / Think: beating Houdini's escape record / Think: showing and then teaching people the rewards of awakening astonishment. I love creative people, creative ideas, and others who share their creativity with the world. My life is much richer by being the "Chief Magical Officer" of our Dallas CM group! PS I also LOVE pizza, comedy magicians, and anyone or anything from Italy!!!

Astonishment. Anytime. Anywhere. And creating experiences that engage, entertain, and educate while awaking almost all of the senses.

Magic is all around us. See it. Say it. Savor it everyday.

Creative artists and entrepreneurs. I love anything new. New ideas, new insights, new food combinations, . . . I admire anyone with the courage to share their creativity, creation, or creative genius with me.

Making laughter appear out of nowhere!

None. All in with entertaining and education. "A cheerful heart is good medicine" (Proverbs 17:22). I couldn't be doing anything more rewarding or helpful at this time.

Allowing others to experience wonder and awe in real time. I can show you and allow you to experience this is less than 5 seconds.

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