I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach who loves empowering others to use natural alternatives to safely manage their health. I work primarily with people who are carrying around extra weight, stressed out, not sleeping well, and/or just not wanting to look and feel old.

Helping people look and feel better by safely using REAL (huge difference) essential oils

Getting in front of people who are open-minded to living a cleaner lifestyle and want someone they can trust to guide them.

My daughter, Samantha Eaton. She is a wonderful person, knows what she wants and makes it happen. She is open-minded, smart enough to recognize good advice and willing to do the work to achieve her goals.

My unique education, experience and genuine love of sharing valuable information that greatly improves people's lives (and usually their friends and families too).

I'm a former marketing exec. with an MBA in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices. So I could always fall back on that. But I'm MUCH happier using those skills for myself, keeping all the money I make and having a great "boss" :-)

How they can look and feel better forever

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